Stop usingboring main images that do not convey your solution

Hero image is your one chance to show all of about your product. Don’t waste that chance. Make sure you’re showing your actual product, in all its glorious details. The flavor, the ingredients, the colors. Take the time to make it pop.

How it will be Impact

Your impressions will be fixed and you dont have control because the amount of people visit. But by increasing your CTR with existing traffic you can get more clicks. See the math below

Stand out on search results

Because on an overcrowded SERP, standing out is what makes the difference. So, if you want to scale your brand on Amazon and truly beat the competition, focus on creating the perfect main hero image

More than ingredients

Your product is more than just ingredients; it’s about the taste and experience. The main hero image on Amazon is your chance to showcase it all – from flavor to colors. Make it stand out to beat the competition and grow your brand

What should main image show?

  • Show the actual product – emphasize features that’ll compel the customer to click
  • Show the product ingredients – give customers enough information to make an informed decision.
  • Show “Made in USA” if indeed it’s made in the USA – it shows the product’s value and origin.
Our process

How we work to help your business grow

 This involves comprehending what sets your product apart from others in the market. It could be special features, benefits, or even the brand story behind it. By understanding this uniqueness, you can effectively communicate it to your audience, making your product stand out.

Knowing what your competitors offer and where they fall short is crucial for developing a competitive edge. By analyzing their products and weaknesses, you can identify opportunities to position your own product more effectively and address any shortcomings they may have missed.

Once you understand your product’s uniqueness and have analyzed the competition, you can develop a unique positioning strategy. This involves determining how you want your target audience to perceive your product in relation to others in the market. Your positioning should highlight your product’s strengths and differentiate it from competitors.

Visuals play a significant role in capturing audience attention and conveying your product’s uniqueness. Designing unique images that accurately represent your product’s features and benefits can help reinforce your positioning and create a memorable impression on potential customers.

A/B testing involves comparing two versions of something, such as images, to see which performs better in achieving your desired goals. By testing different images, you can gather data on which ones resonate most with your audience, ultimately helping you optimize your visual content for maximum effectiveness. This iterative process allows you to continuously improve your marketing efforts and stay ahead of the competition.

What you will get

Our listing optimization package delivers powerful tools to boost your click-through rate and conversions: